Monday, March 19, 2012

Still life paintings done by students at the ARThouse Studio School

We are well along in our Still Life in Watercolor course, and I have many excellent results from students to show you this week.  The paintings below are based on assignments (painted at home) such as:
  • Painting a shiny object
  • Painting a transparent object
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Painting a table setting in a loose, painterly style
Students have either created their own set-ups, and then photographed them or painted from life.  Or they have worked from a reference photo provided by me, such as the "shiny little creamer", the "gardenia in a glass vase", or the "Blu' Island Bistro breakfast".  Tell us what you think by making a comment at the bottom!

Gloria Tanton     Lenten Roses

Angela Lacy       Gardenia     
Ann Williams       Shiny Creamer   

Jean Perretta       Shiny Creamer

Patty Corridon       Shiny Creamer

Sue Adams       Shiny Creamer

Susan Wittenberg       Shiny Creamer

Beth Dugan       Shiny Objects

Meredith Ramsay       Silver Cup

Mimi Hegler       Silver Pot and Shells

Angela Lacy       Still Life with Tulips

Ann Williams       Breakfast at Blu' Island

Cecile Kirkpatrick      Fruit and Flowers and Blu' Island

Gregory Keating      Flowers and OJ at Blu' Island

Susan Taylor       Fruit and Grits at Blu' Island Bistro

Ruth Sentelle       Fruit and Grits for Breakfast

Nancy Preuss       Still Life with Fruit and Flowers

Mimi Hegler       Ducky Teapot and Strawberries

Phyllis McElmurry       Ceramic Jug and Fruit

Toni Tiu       Mums and Mugs at Blu' Island Bistro

Sally Drew      Peppers at the Farmer's Market  


  1. Isn't it fascinating to see the same reference photo painted by different artists? Each one so different and unique in their own way but inspired from the same source! Just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Deanna! You must be referring mainly to the "Shiny Creamer" paintings, and yes, it was interesting to see all the different interpretations of the same photograph that many people chose to work from. They actually all came out very well. I suppose you could attach the reference photo to the back of the painting, just for fun, but I think most people would question the wisdom of this!