Monday, February 13, 2012

Still life paintings done by students of ARThouse

I would like to share with you some of the still life paintings done so far by students in my Still Life with a Difference course here at ARThouse.  I think these are fabulous.  They are based on the first week's assignment to paint a still life with a glass object.  We discussed some possible compositional problems with some, but otherwise, wow!!  I didn't manage to capture a photo of all the good paintings that came in, so hopefully we will put up more student results in the future.  Stay tuned!

 Cecile Kirpatrick   Chilled Pinot Grigio and Lemons  14x18"

 Cathy MeDermott    Glass of Water   13x9"

 Mimi Hegler    Mason Jar and Onions     16x20"

 Sue Adams     Cobalt Blue    12x14"

Tony Tiu     Still Life with Glasses     13x18"

Sally Drew     Little Italy     13x9"

Ruth Sentelle     Gardenia in Glass Vase     10x14

Evelyn McKay     Abbey Manor     14x10"

Donna Moeller    Lemons in a Bowl    14x18"

And here are the other two paintings I did as demonstrations:
Susan Avis Murphy     Creamer and Spoon    9x8"

Susan Avis Murphy     Japanese Bowl     9x9" (unfinished)


  1. I'm impressed...I don't think I'm up to PAR with this group yet. Can I still continue to be an active member? I'm slow but SO eager to learn.


  2. Now, now, don't be discouraged!! You, Barbara, are an excellent artist in your own right. Yes, these are beautiful still lifes. Not everyone had this much success the first time, and some of these artists are very experienced painters. It is always inpsiring to me to see what my students come up with!

  3. Thank you for posting these's nice to see the ones that were outside of our class too.
    I love Mimi Hegler's Mason Jar and Onions. Beautiful :)