Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Favorite reference photos for Still Life

Hi Folks,
Many of my students have "voted" for their favorite reference photo to start off our Still Life with a Difference class in late January.  The photos were posted in the December 31 blog article.  Here are the results so far.  You can still post comments to the previous article, though, if you haven't voted yet.  When you have to choose how to sign your name you can "comment as" Name/URL.  You only need to put your name, not URL (website address) if you do not have one.  This is turning out to be an excellent way to find out what you would like to do in class!

14--rooting tulip bulbs
3--white Mellita pitcher with Ikea cups
2--cappuchino with heart
7--watercolor brushes
3--Twinings tea
8--gardenia in glass vase
5--apples in bowl
3--glass ball
4--roses and pink teapot
1--quartet of veggie still lifes
2--pencils in a mug
1--egg shells
1--Chinese food
0--coneflowers on a table with salt and pepper
4--wineglasses and candles
0--black-eyed Susans in a round vase
0--coneflowers on a table with orange juice


  1. OK, I have just updated the choices of the above still life images. I think the winners are clear! My conclusion is that people desperately want to paint roots, would enjoy painting a single white flower in a glass vase, and are dying to get to those paint brushes.
    This is very helpful information for me, especially since it tells me also that not many are interested in doing complicated flower still lifes or paintings with multiple shiny glass objects! These are difficult subjects, which we will tackle once during the class (because we have to give you a challenge!) but we will simplify them more.

  2. I am glad we will be exposed to the shiny object - was busy with life and didn't respond to your requests for favorites. I, too, like the idea of the roots and the white flower in a glass vase - and the paint brushes. I was also definitely drawn to the bings in a bowl, royal majestry and just polished - albeit, intimidated. I also liked supporting role and may try something like that (or bricks) on my own.I am looking foward to your class!